The same family has owned the location of the Grapevine for over 40 years. Originally the Grapevine property was home to Nick's Restaurant. A Bar & Grill that was very reminiscent of the television show Cheers. Nick's Restaurant patrons were truly one big family.

In the summer of 1994 plans were made to transform Nick's Restaurant into the Grapevine. The interior of the building was completely gutted leaving nothing but the original wood ceiling, original steel beams, and the original brick wall all dating from the 1930's. The interior was then painted and glazed giving the brick wall its beautiful shine. A quarry tile was then added on the floor. Tables and chairs similar to those used in Europe were also added giving the Grapevine a truly Mediterranean feel. The interior was then finalized with hanging bunches of grapes and pictures of the blue waters of the Mediterranean. The exterior was given a fresh coat of paint with a green awning. Rustic planters were also added on each side of the door.

Our grand opening was celebrated during the 1994 LaGrange Christmas Walk. Since that memorable December day, The Grapevine has been working non-stop to improve our food and service to truly please our customers. For all those who have been customers of The Grapevine, we truly thank you for your patronage. For all those who have not had the chance to dine at The Grapevine we hope you give us a try soon.